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All about tourist attractions of Maluku, Indonesia: places, culture, history, and all their uniqueness and exotism rarely found anywhere else in the world.

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Fort Duurstede in Saparua-island was built by Portuguese collonial settlers in 1676, then seized and rebuilt in 1691 by Dutch rulers to guard their power and interest as spice-trade monopolist in the ...

Domain: History; Travel; Category: Travel sites

Bambu gila (literally, "crazy bamboo") is a traditional dance-game usually performed by 7 young men holding tightly to a bamboo stick, approximately 2.5 m long and 8 cm in diameter, which has been ...

Domain: Dance; Category: Exotic

Batu Capeo (literally, "hat stone") is a coral rock shaped like an upside-down hat, said to have its origin from a legendary royal princess who lost her hat while riding nearby on her horse; taken ...

Domain: Tourism & hospitality; Category: Landmarks

Manusela National Park, covering an area of 189,000 hectares or 20% of Seram Island, is said to be the most beautiful national park in Indonesia. Consisting of magnificent rainforests, mountains, ...

Domain: Natural environment; Tourism & hospitality; Travel; Category: Forests; Mountains; Plateau; Tourist attractions

Pukul manyapu (literally "broom hitting") is an age-old tradition in Mamala and Morela villages in Ambon Island, performed by 20 young men, divided in 2 groups, whipping each other with 1.5 m-long ...

Domain: Culture; Tourism & hospitality; Category: General culture; Tourist attractions

Pintu Kota (literally, "door of the city") beach, located near Latuhalat village in Ambon Island, has its fame and uniqueness in a huge cliff, sticking toward the sea, with a big hole on it, shaped ...

Domain: Natural environment; Tourism & hospitality; Travel; Category: Coral reefs; Landmarks; Tourist attractions; Travel sites; Water

Pasir Panjang (literally, "long sand") beach, or Ngurbloat beach in local tongue, is well-known for its soft, powder-like sand and its no less than 3 km outstretched shore-line. Located near Tual, ...

Domain: Natural environment; Tourism & hospitality; Category: Tourist attractions; Water

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