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Gu Gu egy férfi óriás panda, Kína Peking Állatkert. 1999-ben született, a Wolong nemzeti természetvédelmi terület. Apja neve Pan Pan és anyja száma 21. Gu Gu került kiválasztásra, hogy jön a tőke ...

Domain: Animals; Category: Bears

A practice by China to use panda bears as a tool for striking international diplomatic and trade deals. The term panda diplomacy first came into use in 1941 when Song Mei Ling (Madame Chiang ...

Domain: Government; Category: Government & politics

Wolong National Nature Reserve is a comprehensive state natural reserve of 200,000 hectares in the east Qionglai Mountains region located in Sichuan Province, China. Begun in 1963, Wolong National ...

Domain: Environment; Category: Land preservation

Born September 7, 1991, Bai Yue is a female giant panda on loan at the San Diego Zoo from China. Bai Yun, whose name means "white cloud," was the first panda to be successfully born at the Wolong ...

Domain: Animals; Category: Bears

Bao Bao was a former giant panda at the Berlin Zoological Garden. He was given to West Germany as a gift in 1980 as part of China's "panda diplomacy". Bao Bao was only two years old when he first ...

Domain: Animals; Category: Bears

Gu Gu is a male giant panda at the Beijing Zoo in China. He was born at the Wolong National Nature Reserve in 1999. His father's name is Pan Pan and his mother is number 21. Gu Gu was selected to ...

Domain: Animals; Category: Bears

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