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Een zwaard plaatsvervanger vaak gebruikt in opleiding over de hele wereld, zodat geen van de deelnemers bloed trekken en/of ernstig elkaar verwonden. Sommige kunst hebben gederfde het gebruik van het ...

Domain: Military; Category: Weapons

A sword substitute often used in training all over the world so that none of the participants draw blood and/or gravely injure each other. Some arts have foregone the use of the sword and use the ...

Domain: Military; Category: Weapons

A one handed sword with a wavy edge to help deflect other swords from the edge with its motion, as well as increase the area of a thrusting-induced wound.

Domain: Military; Category: Weapons

Originally a farming tool used to chop tall grass and perform other tasks, the bolo became a revolutionary weapon as the Filipino natives lacked large amounts of rifles to fight with.

Domain: Military; Category: Weapons

A large Filipino sword that can be wielded with one or two hands. The pommel is typically a dragon or a snake head, and the sword is one of the Philippines's biggest.

Domain: Military; Category: Weapons

A Japanese greatsword. Sometimes considered impractical due to the difficulty in forging a large blade, the odachi fell out of combat use and is more known as a possible offering to a shrine.

Domain: Military; Category: Weapons

A Japanese shortsword used alongside the katana. Wearing the wakizashi along the katana indicated that the wearer was an official samurai. Wearing them together, the pair of swords would be called ...

Domain: Military; Category: Weapons

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