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The laptop parts I learned from books or from working for a tech company

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Screen Bezels are the screen frames that cover the front side of the screen. Most bezels will secure to the rear panel by a Snap- Tab connection, often also using screws at all 4 corners and ...

Domain: Computer; Category: Computer hardware

Laptop webcams have not had a lot of improvement in the past few years, I can’t think of any laptop model offhand that has a good Webcam. If a laptop does have one, it will usually be located on the ...

Domain: Computer; Category: Computer hardware

These will typically beEthernet Extension Board included on the USB extension board though can be on their own boards as well.

Domain: Computer; Category: Laptops

Each laptop model will use a different USB configuration, some will use USB extension boards and some will just have the integrated USB ports that come on the motherboard. This extension board is ...

Domain: Computer; Category: Laptops

If you flip the laptop over when it’s closed, you will encounter the Bottom Base of the laptop. This will usually have removable covers located somewhere on it (hard drive cover, Wi-Fi port cover, ...

Domain: Language; Category: Idioms

The internal Bluetooth cards are not typically integrated into the motherboard, they are usually plugged into the motherboard and will sit in a ―cage somewhere on the laptops casing, some are screwed ...

Domain: Computer; Category: Laptops

This can either be located on the bottom side of the laptop (most common place) or the upper side – under the keyboard. This part is one of the most stable parts on the laptop and it will rarely ...

Domain: Computer; Category: Laptops

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