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History TermsAdd a term


History; Ancient Greece

Dionysus was the god of the grape harvest, winemaking and ...


History; Ancient Greece

Aristotle (born at 384 – died at 322 BCE) was a Greek ...

Helike of Greece

History; Ancient history

An ancient Greek city that disappeared overnight due to an ...

Yonghe Temple

History; Chinese history

The Yonghe Temple (Palace of Peace and Harmony), also known ...

Animals TermsAdd a term

The Carolina Hammerhead

Animals; Animals

Unlike its relative the common hammer-head shark, The ...


Animals; Cattle

It is a term used in describing a Young cattle of both ...

rhinoceros beetles

Animals; Beetles

A subfamily of the scarab beetle family (Scarabaeidae). ...

zebra swallowtail butterfly

Animals; Insects

The zebra swallowtail is from the family Papilionidae. It ...

Politics TermsAdd a term

Aminata Touré

Politics; International politics

Aminata Touré was the second female Prime Minister of ...

Mission of APEC

Politics; International politics

The primary goal of APEC, is to support sustainable ...

culture jamming

Politics; Protest

A counter-cultural practice where people will subtly modify ...


Politics; International politics

This is a person or an entity that supports protesters who ...

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Music that Influenced Nations

Category: Arts   1 7 Terms

Rare Fruit

Category: Other   1 1 Terms

Financial Derivatives

Category: Education   1 3 Terms

Chukg's Terms


Video games; Characters

Talion is the main protagonist in Middle Earth: Shadow of ...


Video games; Characters

Samantha Nishimura, or short Sam, is one of the survivors ...

Lara Croft

Video games; Characters

Lara Croft is a 21 years old, beautiful, intelligent, and ...